Sorris Sorris Conservancy

Sorris Sorris Conservancy

Sorris Sorris is situated in north west Namibia’s Kunene region, close to the Brandberg, Namibia’s highest mountain, and the Ugab river. Named after the Khoekhoegowab phrase for an 'abundance of sunlight', the conservancy was registered in 2001 and covers 2,290 km2. There are 950 people in the area.

Sorris Sorris has a landscape of hills and plains descending to the scenic Ugab River, with the Brandberg beyond. There are Bushman paintings in caves and on rocks in the area.

Wildlife includes elephant, leopard, black rhino, cheetah, mountain zebra, kudu, gemsbok, ostrich, springbok, steenbok, duiker, giraffe

Income is derived from conservation hunting and tourism. Sorris Sorris has a joint-venture tourism agreement with Madisa Campsite, and with Sorris Sorris Lodge, an exclusive lodge with a magnificent view of the Brandberg.

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Sorris Sorris
Conservancy has a Joint Venture enterprise with
Sorris Sorris Lodge (Not recording wildlife or making reward payments)