Sheya Shuushona Conservancy

Sheya Shuushona Conservancy

The north central part of Namibia is densely populated, with agriculture and a growing industrial base. There are few conservancies, with Sheya Shuushona standing out, situated to the north of Etosha National Park. Named after the brave King of the Ongandjera Traditional Authority, the conservancy was registered in 2005 and covers 5,066 km2. There are 3,200 people in the area. It is situated in Omusati region, one of the four ‘O’s that make up the north central Cuvelai Plain, which floods annually with water from Angola, which lies to the north.

The conservancy has flat landscapes dominated by mopane shrubland with areas of grassland, Kalahari woodland and mosaic sands. Salt pans are found in the conservancy, similar to those in Etosha, just to the south.

Wildlife includes hartebeest, spotted hyaena, elephant, kudu, duiker, steenbok, springbok, and occasionally lion.

Income is derived from conservation hunting. A joint venture agreement has been entered into with Namibia Exclusive Safaris to operate a lodge on the northern Etosha boundary, with tourism rights inside the park.

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Sheya Shuushona
Conservancy has a Joint Venture enterprise with
Sheya Shuushona Lodge (Not recording wildlife or making reward payments)