Support for Wildlife Credits comes from a wide range of individuals and organisations who recognise the need to keep wildlife on the land: we need support from local and foreign tourists, conservationists, NGOs, small and big business and government.

The Community Conservation Namibia logo represents the combined vision and work of NACSO and its members to support Community Based Natural Resource Management in Namibia. All external Wildlife Credit payments are currently administered by NACSO. Funds will be allocated to specific PLACES, SPECIES and CONSERVATION ACTIONS as specified by the funding agency or private donor. Unspecified funds are allocated at the discretion of the administrator to those places, species and conservation actions requiring most urgent support.


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Our Tourism Expo 2017 supporters

Shivon Sutton
Elena Doyle
Justina Andreas
Ivawa Shimweefeleni
Tina and Namushi
Maritza Koch
Liz Walters
Kenneth Neumbo
Kataleko Hilja Nangula
Jennifer Lourens
Helena Efraim
Claire Kolberg
Anel Zabel
Annie Zapke
Bettie Viljeon
Gerrit Viljeon
Shanice da Purificacao
Filippus Shilongo
Chantel Noris
Mahendra Shab
Theodor Dax
Lisa Fourie
Jimmy Limbo
Mr & Mrs Wagner
B. Stou
D. Steenkamp
Flamingo Villa Boutique Hotel
Heidi Willemse
Hilja Avelinu
Jothea Hite
Kapoo TJ
Laura Imbuwa
Marilynne Botha
Melanie Rispel
Melissa Coetzee
Michael Jimmy
Tinapare Lushetile
Tino !Hanabeb
Zandry Wenser