Crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus)


Where do Crocodiles OCCUR in Namibia?

  Distribution of crocodiles in Namibia


Where do Crocodiles cause CONFLICT in Namibia?

  Distribution of crocodiles in Namibia
  Areas of conflict between humans and crocodiles in Namibia


Where is SUPPORT given to communities living with Hippos and Crocodiles in Namibia?

  Distribution of crocodiles in Namibia
  Communities receiving support through the Wildlife Credits scheme


What is the STATUS of Crocodiles in Namibia?

 Very rare  Rare  Uncommon  Common  Abundant

Population of crocodiles:   increasing   decreasing   stable

Living with Crocodiles: the human story

The human cost of living with wildlife

Hippos often come to graze on freshly growing maize. One night Farmer Zatrick Mbanga was out checking his crop. He lit a fire to deter the hippos, but as he was walking home a hippo attacked him. He lost an arm and a foot.

Crocodile sightings by participating lodges

All: Feb 2011 to Dec 2014