How can you help?

The great thing about Wildlife Credits is that credit can be given by tourists, conservationists, NGOs, small and big business and governments. Whether you are in Namibia or another country, wildlife belongs to us all, and we can all give wildlife a chance by becoming a supporter.

There are several ways to support Wildlife Credits and help keep wildlife on the land. Support us financially, spread the word using our social media icons at the bottom of every page, visit the participating lodges which have made their own commitment to wildlife. Or get in touch with other ideas.


Support the participating lodges

If you can – and we hope you will – visit one of the lodges in Namibia taking part. You will not only have a great wildlife and Namibian experience, you will also contribute every time you see a lion, elephant or rhino, hyaena, crocodile or other iconic species conserved by the lodges taking part.

Make a donation

You can also simply make a donation. Wildlife Credits is supported by WWF and NACSO, so you can be assured that your credit will be going where credit is due: to conservancies living and working with wildlife. Contact us to discuss how to donate.

Become a corporate sponsor

If you represent a business or corporation, think about this: ultimately, we all depend upon natural resources. We exploit minerals, plants and living creatures to survive, but we all live on one planet. We take, but we must give back. Corporate sponsors can not only make donations, but can match and increase the funds generated locally. Your sponsorship will make a difference, and will be noted.

All of our supporters deserve credit, and can be seen on our Supporters page. Please, give wildife a chance!