AFRICA'S WILDLIFE is a unique global asset but it is increasingly under threat.

Loss of habitat, conflict with humans, and illegal poaching are some of the factors that threaten the survival of rare and endangered species, including elephants, lions and rhinos.

To conserve wildlife for future generations, we need inspired ideas and urgent action.

WILDLIFE CREDITS is an innovative approach which rewards communities for protecting wildlife and creates opportunities for smart conservation where wildlife thrives and people prosper.

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Hippos love to graze on freshly growing maize but farmers depend on their crops to feed their families.

Lions, elephants and other large animals are what tourists hope for but they pose threats to humans, livestock and crops.

One of the greatest challenges facing Africa is finding the balance between the integrity of wildlife populations and the land on which they roam and the rights of rural people who share this land.

Access to water points and grazing, human encroachment on traditional wildlife migratory paths, the destruction of crops, and the enticement of quick money from poaching jeopardise the survival of Africa’s iconic species.

In Namibia, the community conservation programme has spearheaded the recovery of many wildlife species on communal land by focusing on rural farmers, who can benefit economically from wildlife and will then actively protect wildlife and its habitat.

WILDLIFE CREDITS takes this a step further, creating a direct incentive to keep wildlife on the land by providing performance payments to communities actively protecting and conserving wildlife and its habitat.

Help to keep wildlife on the land.
DONATE to Wildlife Credits today.

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